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There’s no one size fits all when it comes to testing apps

Most people agree that testing software is one of the most important activities software engineers perform. Nothing matters if a piece of software is very fast or well written but it doesn’t accomplish what it is intended to. Testing is a very interesting discipline and definitely an important one to…

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Harnessing one of the most useful packages in go

Applications in golang use Contexts for controlling and managing very important aspects of reliable applications, such as cancellation and data sharing in concurrent programming. This may sound trivial but in reality, it’s not that so. The entry point for the contexts in golang is the context package. It is extremely…

Tracing requests in distributed systems

In this article we will be focusing on the implementation of the architecture presented in the previous article. Take your time to review it.

The entire code can be found on my github repo. I’ll be creating and pasting some gists here for reference, those will only contain the most…

Combining SonarQube and gosec to get more information out of your source code

Static analysis (or static code analysis) is a great technique to find issues related to security, performance, coverage, coding style, and some times even logic without running your application. Usually this type of analysis is run against the source code of the application only. No execution required.

This is a…

Leveraging Golang’s concurrency model to create concurrent data pipelines for data intensive applications

Data is a vital piece for all applications. Applications mainly receive data, process it and then create some sort of output out of it. The amount of data that is available nowadays is immense, which brings many challenges when trying to make sense out of it and transforming it into…

Ricardo Linck

Software Engineer. Distributed systems lover, golang and .net enthusiast. Curious by nature. https://github.com/ricardolinck

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